NOW TAKING SUBMISSIONS FOR 2014!! Looking for independent Full Feature, Documentary, and Short Film. New this year!- $500.00 prize for "BEST OF WASHINGTON STATE!" go to withoutabox.com for information on submissions.

2013 Festival

This year year, the Ellensburg Film Festival screened some great movies, making it one of the best yet for film buffs in Central Washington. Winner of the Audience Award this year was an indie production called Cement Suitcase, which was filmed just down the road from here in Yakima, Sunnyside, and Prosser. Director Rick Castaneda and several actors and crew members were on hand for the screening and talked afterward about production. Winner of Best Documentary went to Blackfish, which gained a lot of buzz after the festival when it was shown on CNN Films. All in all, it was a great festival, and we're really looking forward to next year and the 10th Anniversary!

Teen Filmmaking Workshop

Teen Filmmaking Workshop This past summer, in conjunction with the Ellensburg Public Library, the EFF hosted a Teen Filmmaking Workshop to help support aspiring young auteurs in the local community. A total of 32 students organized into different teams produced four wonderfully engaging short film that were first shown publicly at the Library and will be seen again during the festival. You're going to love these shorts! A special thanks go out to Josephine Camarillo, Children's Librarian, Ralla Vickers, EFF Board Secretary, and volunteer instructors John Otteni, Allison Carpenter, Elizabeth Maurer, Laura Newman, Lynn Ostenberg, and Debbie Rowden. We also want to thank Jordan Perry, Maddie Schlesinger, and Nick White with Clearwater Studios Access Channel, as well as the Central Washington University Film & Video Studies for helping to secure four Vixia cameras for filming.